SAL Engraving and Trophies

Sample Labels

Signs And Labels Engraving manufacture custom signs and labels for just about any application:

  • Switchboard labels - for indoor and outdoor applications 
  • Machine labels and signs
  • OH & S signage in workshops, kitchens, clubs and pubs
  • Pipework labelling
  • Block site plans
  • Custom name branding of your work
  • Signs for outdoor applications
  • Name badges
  • Test and Tag Labels.... self adhesive...custom printed with your details
    or vast range of month now for more details
  • And much more......NEW LASER ENGRAVING SERVICE

Computerised engraving on plastics and metals gives you total flexibility to solve any of your signage or labelling problems.


There is a vast range of materials and colours to choose from to make your labels and signs stand out and deliver your message.


Signage can be engraved onto 2 ply (two colour) and 3 ply plastics with a large range of colours available, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. In addition we can engrave and paintfill to give you further colour solutions.


During the design stage, we are happy to advise the best materials for your job, with budget and deadlines in mind. We offer a service of label measure and design on your factory floor- this process saves your company time and money in ordering labels.


From one switchboard label to 1000s of labels for your products, no quantity is too big or too small.

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